About Us

Have you  ever been told you were a little bit weird, or have you ever been told you were a tad bit different? We have all felt out of place once before, so we come up with the most prestigious product to embrace diversity. This feeling seems so unreal and I’m very overwhelmed and honored to discuss our brand called “ Weird and Different” discovered by CEO Romereo Brown Jr. The reason Mr. Brown started Weird and Different is because he was born deaf in his right ear. Which made his speech not up to par with others as well as getting picked on for majority of his life. The famous nickname kids gave him were Mushmouth from the popular show called "Fat Albert''. Due to having a hard time understanding young Romereos’ speech as a child He instead of put his foot forward about his insecurities and started embracing it. By his Junior year in high school he graduated in speech development courses that help people to understand better. And it’s the main purpose “Weird and Different” was created to influence people to be happy with themselves and accept not fitting in with society stereotypes. It’s for people to love being different and unique, while learning it's okay to embrace the weirdness in our lives. That is why our logo is Mr. Weird eating Ice Cream. When you eat ice cream it releases a hormone called dopamine in your brain to make you feel better. We wanted a company to make you feel good about being yourself. As the  generations passed many people will catch on to the meaning, and embrace it. I hope discussing the details about “Weird and Different” persuades you to stay "Weird" &  be "Different".